CHIGOT – fellow in the deep forest

Chigot is a knife, designed to help you, while being outdoors. His main functions are scraping wooden chippings and cutting thin wooden stripes for firestarters, shaping wooden details and working on different plant parts, hitting sparks from a ferro rod, etc. He is a great help for hikers, hunters, bushcrafters and all the people, that made the adventure an important part of their life.

Cutting wooden stripes for the fire
Scraping wooden chippings
Hitting sparks with the flint
Removing bark
Removing bark

The knife is made from 80CrV2 steel. It is 205 mm long, the blade is 90 mm long and 46mm wide. The bevels are flat with secondary cutting edge, and the handle could be made from micarta or wood. Comes with leather or kydex sheath.

The blade is “wharncliffe” shape, but it is modified, so the knife feels more comfortable in the hand. At the beginning of the spine, near the handle, there are jimpings, that makes the grip more comfortable and can be used for multiple tasks – chipping rocks (flint or volcanic glass, etc.), breaking nuts, hitting sparks from a ferro rod. The handle can be bade from micarta or wood.

Firm grip

Канията се изработва от кожа или кайдекс, който е една от най-практичните и здрави материи, когато става въпрос за ползване в дивата природа.

The sheath is made from leather or kydex – one of the most practical and tough materials for outdoor gear.

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