Bushcraft and survival knives

Bagain is a Bulgarian knife, designed for survival in the wild, created by the specialists of Wolven Path Forge and Divlandia. The knife has passed numerous tests in the wild, including survival courses, organized by Divlandia, in order to reach its final design and technical parameters.
Batir is the new addition in the survival and bushcraft knives line of Wolven path forge. Just like Bagain and Chigot, Batir is a result of the cooperation with Divlandia. The knife is based on the prototype of Bagain, but with a few adjustments.
Chigot is a knife, designed to help you, while being outdoors. His main functions are scraping wooden chippings and cutting thin wooden stripes for firestarters, shaping wooden details and working on different plant parts, hitting sparks from a ferro rod, etc. He is a great help for hikers, hunters, bushcrafters and all the people, that made the adventure an important part of their life.