BAGAIN – the bulgarian survival knife

One of the most important tools, known to mankind, is the knife. The knife has followed our evolution from the prehistoric caves to the modern skyscrapers. In old times it was not only useful item, that helped in every day tasks, but often it was s symbol of the person’s position in the society.

In modern days for most of us the knives are something we most often see in the kitchen. But there is a special group of men and women, for which the knife is an important part of the things they carry. These are the so called survivors and bushcrafters. For them having a good time does not mean cold beer and a nice movie on the couch. It means to be OUTDOORS – in the nature, under the stars, in the wild. For these men and women there is no biting cold or scorching heat, rain ot snow. These are a special group of people, that do not know the meaning of “I can’t!” and “I’m afraid!”.

For these men and women Wolven path forge and Divlandia joined together and created Bagain – the bulgarian survival knife.

The first Bagain survival knife

What is Bagain?

Bagain is a Bulgarian knife, designed for survival in the wild, created by the specialists of Wolven Path Forge and Divlandia. The knife has passed numerous tests in the wild, including survival courses, organized by Divlandia, in order to reach its final design and technical parameters.

Who were the Bagains?

The name is not chosen by accident. The Bagains were the main part of the proto-Bulgarian army. They were symbol of reliability and safety for the khan and these exactly are the qualities of that knife.

Actually, the first premium Bagain knife

You can see the full history of Bagain below or read more in “Survival instinct“.
Herе you can see the engineering characteristic of the knife, and for orders or questions you can use the the contact form or the listed phone number!

Forged from steel amd made to last

The birth of the Bagain: