Hello, friends!

The knife is maybe the first tool, known to the human. All through the history of mankind the knife has followed our development from caveman to the modern days.
For this time the knife has evolved from a sharpened piece of rock to work of art. At the beginning owning a knife was a matter of survival, but today it is more for the sake of convenience. But still this is the most common tool of the mankind and you see it everywhere – the cooking knives in the kitchen, the folders in the pocket, the hunting/camping knives in the outdoors , the letter openers on the desks.
The main goal of Wolven path forge is to make an individual knife for everyone, that wants or needs it. We forge our blades, we grind them from flat stock, but when we make a knife, we discuss every little detail about it, so it best fits the requirements and the vision of the owner.